Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 89 Roosendaal Netherlands

Brother Murton was in the military so he let us
take some pictures with his guns. 

Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 88 Roosendaal Netherlands

Hey errybudy! We had a really good week this week.  We found a few new investigators, and they are super positive. The work is really turning around here in Roosendaal since I got here.  We are teaching a family called the de kortes, and another guy named deiroon.  We had first lessons with them this week and they both went really well!

We had a zone training as well, and I think it went good.  I had to teach about travel contacting, and it was a lot of fun.  After the training the office elders came to pick up elder Heinricks.  So we are down to two of us now.  Just me and elder Hosea are all alone.  

On Saturday we went with a member to help clean the church, and right as we were leaving a guy from Utah showed up.  He served here 30 years ago, and he was here for work so he came to take a picture of the church, and he ran into us so he took us back to Roosendaal and took us out to lunch.  It was a lot of fun and super nice of him.  I didn´t have my camera with me or I would have taken a picture of us. sorry mom.  

I called up Farley Jansen last week. If you remember who he is.  He’s the guy who got baptized in Almere, and he is preparing for the temple! It was super nice to be able to talk to him.  He is going to try and go through the temple before I go home, so me and elder Schmidt can go with him.  I am really excited for him.

Elder Hulet

Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 87 Roosendaal Netherlands

Cool church out in the middle of nowhere

The weird trees that everybody has over here

This is what we got for showing up to the knitting service thing

This last week was NL DOET.  It is a big two day thing where everyone here in Nederland is supposed to do some service.  We did it last year and it was a lot of fun, and this year the APs decided they would set up projects for all of the districts.  They signed us up for one and gave us the address, but when we showed up it was a big crochet and knitting party.  We didn't know how to do any of that stuff, so we just sat there and watched for like 20 minutes, and then the lady in charge started calling around to find another project for us. haha it was weird.  So she found one that was close by and we got to cut out bushed and stuff for an old folk’s home.  They are putting in one of those old people work out playgrounds.  It was fun, but the shovels in this country are terrible!! It's just a piece of crapy wood and a flat piece of metal.  One of the elders snapped his in half. haha so we had to be really careful.

We got a call this week from President Robinson, and elder Heinricks is going to the office! He gets to stay for our zone training on Thursday and then they are picking him up from there.  It will be sad to see him go, but elder Hosea and I are going to kill it here in Roosendaal!

Elder Hulet

Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 86 Roosendaal Netherlands

Message to Elder Carter / He is half way
Zoom in and read the scripture and message

 A de lorian we saw on exchanges.. enjoy

This week was just full of contacting! We still haven´t been able to really meet any of the investigators.  None of them are very solid I guess, so we are just knocked doors.  We have given out a TON of book of Mormons! Its crazy!  With the new standard of 20 hrs of proselyting every week they are encouraging travel contacting, so we have been trying that lately and it´s hard! Like trying to talk to people on trains! It is illegal to preach to them so we have to just bug them enough until they ask us about ourselves, and then we can tell them about the church.  It´s been hard but pretty cool.  We have given out a few books, but we have also had a few really awkward situations. 

One day this week we traveled to a little dorp to look up some referrals and while we were walking down the street we saw a couch hanging out of a window, and that isn't too uncommon over here because the stairs are so small whenever people move they do it all through the windows.  So anyway we could see that they were struggling so we asked if we could help and they didn´t really say much accept that it was stuck so me and elder Hosea lifted up elder Heinricks and he pushed from the bottom, and the wife started yelling at her husband, `schiet op! de jongens staan op elkaar!` she was like hurry up man they boys are standing on each other!! haha but we got the couch in the house! it was a really funny random service opportunity. 

The sisters had a baptism yesterday for a guy named Joseph.  He is from Indonesia, and I got to do the baptism interview, so it was really cool to get to know him.  He has given up a lot to get baptized, and even his brother has given up drinking and smoking because of his influence on him. It was just really cool!

I love Roosendaal! The members are awesome, my companions are awesome! and we just have a lot of fun with the work here!

Elder Hulet

Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 85 Roosendaal Netherlands

A windmill on America street...

crazy womping willow like tree in the centrum

Pink Sunday! With the bishop! If you don't notice
we are all wearing pink

My first week in Roosendaal has been busy!  We travel a ton because most of the members live in Breda, and they feed us a lot so that is awesome!  I am serving in the same ward as sister Lemich! It is so weird to talk about cedar stuff with her.  We are with them a lot as well, and they have a baptism coming up this next week.

Roosendaal is kind of a smaller city, but it's cool.  We have an okay apartment.  It's not like the house I just came from but it is still pretty nice.  We live right above a store centrum so that is really nice for shopping.  There are a few Americans in our ward so a lot of people spoke English to us yesterday, and the bishop is African so he speaks English with us as well.  We have had 2 dinner appointments so far and they have both been in English.  It is weird.  I haven't had an appointment in English for a while, and it was nice!

I still haven't been able to meet our investigators here yet.  I've heard good things about them but all of the appointments were scheduled for this week, so hopefully I will have a better update for you for next week.

Elder Hulet

Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 84 Hengelo Netherlands Going to Roosendaal

Stake patriarchs collection of weapons!

Water with mint leaves in it

Elder Frisby and elder Thom caught me speaking English
during Taal Week (language week)

Not a whole lot happening in missionary work this week.  We had a zone conference, and a stake conference, so that was three days of missionary work gone.  The zone conference was great!! We got to watch a bunch of videos.  They showed all of the ones from people in our mission.  Like the one with me, and the other three in Belgium.  Then we got to watch meet the mormons.  It was super cool!

For the stake conference we had a guest speaker.  His name is elder price, and he is a 70 over the middle east.  He is retired from the FBI, and lives in Saudi Arabia.  For the priesthood session he had a lot of cool stories, and he had an elder duct tape his hands together, and then he got out of it.  haha it was cool to hear his stories, about the training they make him go through. 

On my birthday we ate at the Brandenburgs, and they made me a super good birthday cake.  It was a pear cake.  It was seriously one of the best things I have ever eaten! That night at ward council when they asked the missionaries if they have anything to add, elder Thom told everyone that he had just eaten manna from heaven. haha It really was super good.  And because it was my birthday I got 2 pieces.  It was awesome!

So in other news I’m getting transferred!! We got the call last night, and I am going to Rosendaal.  I will be in a 3man with elder Heinricks and elder Hosea.  I am sad to leave Hengelo, but I am also excited to go to a new city.  I have 3 transfers left so I hope it will be my last city!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 83 Hengelo Netherlands

This week was awesome!! We found a new FAMILY of investigators! It is a Dutch family, and we had a lesson with them this week.  Edward is a doctor, and he is super smart and religious.  The first lesson went great! They are members of an evengelies gemeenschap church. Sorry I don't know what church it is in English.  But anyway they invited us to their church but it was at the same time as ours so we called president and he gave us permission to miss our own to go to theirs! It was super cool! They pretty much sang the whole time and it was like modern music! ha it was fun to experience.  But when we were walking back to the train station elder Frisby was like, "did we learn anything in there?" haha cuz all they do is sing and say praise the lord and stuff and no studying. 

Yesterday evening was mikes baptism!!!  It was so great. His family came and some friends.  They all thought it was cool and his mom made treats for it too.  It was just an awesome experience.  Our whole district was there, so it was cool to be able to get us pumped up to do missionary work.  I will send some pictures of us with mike.
Love elder Hulet